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Custom-Made Orthotics

custom-made-orthoticsIf orthotics or arch supports are something you need as a result of our examination findings and computerized digital scan of your feet, we can order them. There are different types and kinds of orthotics. You may already have a pair that you obtained from another health care provider. Bring them in to us so we can check them out for you and find out if we can still use them or if another type may be better for you.

With our computerized equipment, we will digitally scans your feet and generate a comprehensive report of findings to educate you about your need for spinal pelvic stabilizers i.e. custom-made orthotics. You will be able to you see your foot scans and have a better understanding about any postural imbalances and how we can help you.

Your custom molded foot orthotics can then be made off of the scan that we produce with the computer. These are Foot Levelers, flexible, three arch orthotics. They are very comfortable and are backed by a two-year money back guarantee.

Call our Wexford  PA office for initial consultation and/or appointment at 724-935-3300.

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I injured my back lifting a suitcase and initially found brief relief with traction exercises. Persistent pain led me to reveal a herniated L5-S1 disc. Starting VAX-D treatment immediately, my pain dropped significantly after the first session. A month into treatment, I traveled abroad for a semester, enduring a long flight and extensive walking across Europe pain-free, thanks to VAX-D and Dr. Pete.

Amanda I.Patient

Very friendly staff! Jennifer is very welcoming and efficient at the front desk. Then April, the doctors assistant is always friendly, no matter how busy she is. She knows her stuff and makes you feel comfortable throughout your treatment and checks on you to make sure all is well the whole time . Dr. Peduzzi is very knowledgeable, professional and he has helped me with my neck problems. He has me well in the way to recovery.

Jay SouilliardPatient

Extremely friendly staff, including the front desk and the chiro assistant. Polite, welcoming and they care about their patients. Dr. Peduzzi is very thorough when explaining any type of treatment. He makes sure that each patient is well taken care of. The other thing I love is that the practice strives to use all natural products when it comes to their supplements, creams, and sprays. Thank you for the amazing care.

Jennifer ChancellorPatient

Even though I have only been going to Dr. Peduzzi for a few weeks, I am so much better. They pain was just awful from disc compression. I could not get in or out of bed for weeks. I am out of the recliner and back to bed at night without the lightning bolt pain I had. I look forward to each treatment because it is relaxing and it is working.

Sandy S.Patient