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Your brain health may be slipping away thanks to modern life and hyperconnectivity, which are both responsible for being detrimental to brain power.

With modern technology, you may end up less productive and ineffective, but by following these seven simple guidelines, you could nourish — not diminish — your brain.


  1. Exercise is a great way to enhance your brain power.
  2. Unplug, relax and stop with the multitasking — it’s stressing you out.
  3. Reduce information overload by just saying no to unnecessary information, emails, social media updates and notifications.
  4. Move! Sitting too long is deadly and is bad for your body, your health and your brain.
  5. Instead of surrounding yourself with virtual friends, ditch the screens and get out and meet friends, co-workers and family, and visit face to face.
  6. Turn down the sound. Earbuds and headphones can easily damage your hearing and cause brain problems.
  7. Not getting enough sleep may actually shrink your brain. Insufficient sleep and sleep deprivation can delay reaction times, impact glucose levels, and cause headaches, moodiness, impaired memory and hormone imbalances.


Source: Pocket Worthy Feb. 20, 2020